Combining related products together to enhance the Amazon’ shopper’s experience, you create new, unique listings on Amazon. This strategy gives you control and with that control comes more profits.

Every day we are asked about bundles — how to create a bundle within Amazon’s guidelines… and no wonder! Amazon’s policy and guidelines can be confusing - but no more! Lisa Larson and Jenni Hunt simplify the process so that you can confidently add bundles to your selling strategy.


Most Amazon sellers have experienced the frustration of finding a great product with a great ROI, only to find the price spiraling to the bottom once it is shipped in as other Amazon sellers price drop and undermine your profits.

If you have experienced “price wars” and decreased profits because of the pricing race to the bottom… listen up! We are about to give you more control. Control of your listings. Control of the price. Control of your revenue.

Many sellers assume that having control on Amazon can only happen if they sell their own brand (or private label).


Even if you do not have your own products and even if you do not have the budget to buy huge inventory loads, there is an easy way to increase control on Amazon and increase your profits. 

Join Lisa Larson and Jenni Hunt as they dig into everything bundles... and start learning how to increase your profits on Amazon.

Bundle Examples

Cookie Variety Combo

Baby Bath Set

Snuggle Puppy & New Puppy Starter Kit

Paper Plates with Drinking Cups

This works for anyone selling on Amazon.

During the 4 Webinars in the Proven Bundling Live Workshop Lisa and Jenni will break down the bundling process into EASY, bite size lessons and instruction showing you EXACTLY how to validate a bundle for increased profit.

Private Mentoring Group

Join our private mentoring group for bundling so you have the latest, most current information! Take advantage of a community in the private Facebook group focused completely on bundling and the strategies we teach. Lisa and Jenni will be active in the group answering questions, providing additional training and challenging you to action.

Who are Lisa Larson & Jenni Hunt?

Lisa Larson

Lisa Larson has been a leader in the My Silent Team community for a few years now. Not only is she eager to help, she offers sound advice and selling tips that have helped others grow their Amazon business. Lisa is known for her Tuesday FB Live show in the MST Facebook Community and is an expert when it comes to understanding the ins and outs of bundling.

Jenni Hunt

Jenni Hunt has been training and coaching online sellers since 2003. She has successfully turned her side hustle into a solid six figure business and is honored to partner with Jim Cockrum to help others reach their business goals. Jenni is best known for helping people move to action with creative strategies. She specializes in “out of the box” thinking for success and is excited to share her creative bundling strategies with you in this workshop.

Here is what you can expect during the

Proven Bundling Live Workshop

Module #1:  Introduction: The What and Why of Bundling

  • Learn what Bundles are and aren’t
  • Stop Leaving $$ on the Table
  • Amazon's Bundling Guidelines

Module #2:  Validating Bundles

  • Power of Validating
  • How to Choose Right Products for Bundles

Module #3:  Sourcing your Bundle

  • Sourcing Basics
  • Sourcing Secrets

Module #4:  Putting it all Together

  • Packaging & Pricing
  • GTIN Exemption
  • Create Your Listing

BONUS: Advanced Bundling Strategies & Bundling with Information

And more!

Testimonials From Those Who've Followed Our Bundling Strategies

Lisa Morrison Larson repeatedly advised “Bundle, Bundle, Bundle!”. I have a 4 year old daughter so I decided to bundle some of her favorite toys. 90% of my bundles have sold out… My most successful bundle that I created sold 29 times ...and made it to a 54,600 rank in toys!

- Jenny

Awesome content! I am currently In the beginning stages of my first private label product and creating a book to complement my product will be a killer idea.

- Moses

I have dedicated today to go through all the modules because I am serious about starting Bundling. Many thanks to Jenni and Lisa for creating an enjoyable course which is both comprehensive and practical... I thought the 'over the shoulder' modules were particularly good.  I will now apply it!

- Marilyn

I really enjoyed going through the Proven Bundling Course 2.0.  The most beneficial part of the course for me was learning how to validate bundles using the 2-step test and the over the shoulder search for possible bundles.  Great course.

- April

Lisa once again has nailed the concept. Bundling is fantastic very profitable you just need to test test test.

- Andrew

Great bundling course!  A simple laid out course, easy to follow and will most definitely have a major impact on your business.  The bundling course will give you a solid foundation to become a bundling fanatic!

- Patricia

Wonderful course, I enjoyed.  It contains incredible valuable information. I’m very conservative in my business process, but I’m getting in there. It was intense. I love Lisa and Jenny’s passion, they are great.  Thanks

- Lizeth

Today I watched the bundling course. It was a really helpful step-by-step lesson on the whole bundling process. Good to be reminded of how much educational info is available on Amazon if we know how to search & navigate the pages.

- Peter

Thank you, Lisa Morrison, for taking the time to so carefully, and generously, outlining the necessary aspects of bundling. We humbly appreciate this.

- Lila

Amazing how an idea like this can make your profits soar.

- Bryan

I got a ton out of the bundling course. As a new seller I find myself competing with lots of other sellers that found the same OA/RA deals that I did. It can be challenging when a listing spikes from having 1 or 2 sellers on it to having 15-20 and everyone is fighting over the Buy box. Bundling gives me a way to differentiate my offerings and get above the fray. Soon I will have my own offerings where I don't have to get into that fight. I am currently creating my first bundle with my coach XXXXX and I look forward to many more bundling opportunities. Thanks for including the updated course in PAC!

- Brian

Love your wisdom Lisa Morrison Larson. lol.... Love your sharing always--a women of brilliance and an unconditional giver to all! x0x

- Carol

It’s time to take your Amazon profits up a notch! Start creating bundles and gain control and revenue you have been leaving on the table today.

Workshop will run from Sept 7th thru Sept 10th plus Bonus.  All videos will be available to view at your leisure if you can't make it during the live.

Daily Workshop Schedule:

Tues 9/7  - Module #1:  What and Why of Bundles
Wed  9/8  - Module #2:  Validating Bundles
Thur 9/9  - Module #3:  Sourcing Your Bundle
Fri  9/10   - Module #4:  Putting it All Together
BONUS:   Advanced Bundling Strategies & Bundling with Information

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